About Us

Background & Experience

Global Eagles United (GEU) is a Non for Profit organization that promotes international sporting activities starting from Germany and across Europe. The association pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes and has a primary aim to use sport as a medium to contribute to the understanding of the uniqueness of our human nature irrespective of our multiallelism to ignite a concerted spirit of solidarity in the pursuit of peaceful coexistence in our world. In essence, GEU wants to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, contribute to the empowerment of individuals, and promote the development of inclusive European communities through her activities and programs. Sporting activities are vital in the efforts to give young people purpose and a sense of community and to discourage them from criminal activities and gang affiliations. Therefore, using sports as art to speak to the world and to refine the competencies of those engaged or willing to start a career in sports in communication, finance, and team building, we intend to imbue confidence in young athletes and sports managers to join in the efforts to ensure the realization of the sustainable development goals through community mobilization. Since research shows that many professional athletes use their social and financial status to help others, therefore GEU will serve as a medium through which sports professionals can see community needs and challenges in the pursuit of their social and civic responsibility. Our programs and projects are designed and implemented focusing on the intrinsic and alienable dignity of the human person therefore, religion and politics are neutral at the core of our activities and organization. Finally, our experience from the field shows the need to improve the process of sports professionalization, that is the internal process in which sports activities and sports organization operate, GEU will champion the demand for quality in sports competition because formalizing sports activities and procedures leads to achieving the expected results of participating athletes and also that of sports managers and organizations.

Mission & Vision

Mission of GEUS

Our mission is to shape tomorrow’s society through international sporting activities. Sports is a very efficient tool to create bonds that extend beyond any kind of differences. It allows youngsters and adults to cooperate and have fun regardless of their origin, culture, gender identification, socioeconomic status, or any other factor that often divides people. We implement sports projects that benefit society not only in terms of physical and mental health but also in terms of overcoming differences and uniting people, thus contributing to a peaceful world.

Vision of GEUS

We envision a healthy and peaceful world, which can only be achieved through healthy relationships that extend beyond borders and differences. Sports empower people by making them physically and mentally stronger and pushes people to cooperate and pursue common goals. There is no pedagogically more valuable and motivating way to promote peace and international cooperation than sports.


Since our office is located in the heart of the University of Applied Sciences Bonn Rhein Sieg, we will draw a pool of volunteers from the Sports Science department and pediatric social work to help with many community engagements. We intend to create activities jointly with the students to guarantee easy access to the majority of the sporting facilities in the university for our programs.
The purpose of the association is to contribute to international understanding by promoting sporting activities, and the goal of the statutes is realized in particular by the following actions:

  • International education, youth, and cultural exchange on topics related to sport.
  • Promotion of international sports exercises, performances, games, and competitions.
  • Offering sports opportunities in an international context to improve integration in Germany.

Furthermore, as GEU grows, we will conduct a national and international competition as well as develop amateur athletes for domestic and international sports competition. Our complimentary activities to increase the promotion of sports, in general, would include open door and special days, sport talks, masterclasses, sports exhibitions, mentoring and coaching sessions, and nutrition workshops.
The experiences of the founders of GEU and vision is to use the project of sport as a tool for social inclusion and personal development. Therefore, our programs and project will be designed to encourage capacity building and networking of various sporting institutions within the EU Zone, the provision of adapted sports equipment for impaired athletes, and the organization of inclusive sports events mainly for the disabled.